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  • Jason Harper finds JT Kenney hanging out in the Halo Booth at ICAST 2014.
  • Jason Harper and Brent Ehrler take a look at the new Daiwa Reels and Rods.
  • Scott Martin shows off the big hooks Trokar has developed.

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ICAST - Accessories - GatorSkinz - Gator Guards (formerly known as KeelShield) released several new boating accessories. GatorSkinz are made from 70 percent recycled material and are available in bulk in two patterns and two thicknesses or in a two-pack step pad complete with the exclusive 3M Keelshield adhesive system. GatorSkinz can be used almost anywhere on your boat or truck for any number of applications. $19.99 to $124.95
  • ICAST - Accessories - GatorSkinz - Gator Guards (formerly known as KeelShield) released several new boating accessories. GatorSkinz are made from 70 percent recycled material and are available in bulk in two patterns and two thicknesses or in a two-pack step pad complete with the exclusive 3M Keelshield adhesive system. GatorSkinz  can be used almost anywhere on your boat or truck for any number of applications. $19.99 to $124.95 ICAST - Reels - Conquest - Shimano adds a new reel to its ever popular Calcutta line of round-style baitcasters: the Conquest. Features include the X-Ship, S-Compact body, large-diameter spool and cold-forged aluminum frame. The Conquest has 12 bearings plus one roller bearing. It comes in two gear ratios (4.8:1 and 5.2:1) perfect for cranking.
  • ICAST - Hard Baits - Rapala BX Waking Minnow - Rapala expanded its BX line of baits, which have a balsa core coated with a durable copolymer shell that adds to the longevity of the bait. Among the line is the BX Waking Minnow, a surface-waking bait that has a wide side-to-side action on a steady retrieve. It's currently available in six colors. $12.99 ICAST - Scenes - The Hollowell brothers were both at ICAST this week. Here, the younger of the duo, Troy, shows off some new jigs from Kustom Kicker Jigs.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Proof that some new baits really do get bites ... ICAST - Scenes - You see everything at ICAST, including a sweet Thursday jam session, complete with an accordion.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Of course Mark Rose would be all smiles after the 2015 Tour locations were revealed. The fifth stop at Lake Chickamauga will be a ledge-fishing duel, which will make Rose a favorite to win. ICAST - Scenes - Former Forrest Wood Cup champ Scott Martin weighs in about the 2015 Tour schedule. He'll be an AOY favorite, and one of the pros to watch at the first Tour stop on Lake Toho.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Two of FLW's best, Mark Rose and Andy Morgan, chat prior to the announcement of the 2015 Walmart FLW Tour locations. ICAST - Reels - Here's a quick peek at one of the new custom-shop reels from 13 Fishing. Details have not yet been publicized about the series, but feel free to start drooling.
  • ICAST – Rods – G. Loomis IMX – Nearly 30 years after the original launch of IMX rods, which helped establish the G. Loomis brand because of rod qualities achieved through the use of higher-modulus graphite and blanks with higher tensile strength, Loomis has released a completely redesigned IMX series. Utilizing more modern materials and processes, the new IMX rods are stronger and lighter than their predecessors. The series include 31 technique-specific bass rods. $295 to $315 ICAST – Rods – Okuma TCS Dropshot/Finesse – TCS stands for “Tournament Concept Series.” Designed by FLW Tour pro Scott Martin, the series provides an angler the complete collection of tools needed for tournament fishing. Okuma launched the TCS series last year with 13 technique-specific rods. This year, Okuma and Martin added a 7-foot, 2-inch medium-light drop-shot/finesse rod. $139.99
  • ICAST – Rods – 13 Fishing Archangel – Blending Japanese craftsmanship and American styling, 13 Fishing’s new Archangel rods are built with MR70 carbon blanks and equipped with Fuji Titanium K guides with torzite inserts. Other cool features include custom Fuji reel seats and top-grade split cork handles. The Archangel, 13 Fishing’s new top-shelf rod series, initially includes eight models. Price to be determined. ICAST – Hard Bait – Yamamoto Chikara Wake Bait – The Chikara Wake Bait helps round out the line of hard baits for Yamamoto. It weighs 3/8 of an ounce and will be available in 16 colors. $7.99
  • ICAST – Hard Bait – Yamamoto Midasu Lipless Crank – The Midasu Lipless Crank is an expansion to the new line of hard baits Yamamoto released last year. It will be available in three sizes (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 ounce) and 12 colors. $7.99 ICAST – Hard Bait – Nichols Lures Ben Parker Magnum Spoon – It was the bait that made a major splash at the final FLW Tour event on Kentucky Lake just weeks ago. It now has a new paint job and should be available shortly. The spoon is still 8 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces.
  • ICAST – Reels – 13 Fishing Concept KP – This is the newest creation from 13 and aimed at the high-end market of anglers. Weighing in at 5.14 ounces the Concept KP incorporates airfoil carbon in the side plate along with a carbon fiber handle and EVA foam knobs to all reduce weight. The reel has 11 ball bearings. $480 ICAST- Hard Bait – Livingston Howeller Deep Plus – The new Team Livingston Series features everything from topwaters to deep-diving crankbaits and everything in-between. The Howeller Deep Plus is part of the new collection that fits the trend of bigger baits. This beast packs programmable sequences and will run to a depth of nearly 30 feet.
  • ICAST – Reels – Duckett 320 and 360 Series Baitcast Reels – Four new reels makeup the new line from Duckett. Each model is available in three gear ratios (5.3:1, 6.3:1 and 7.1:1). The 320 Series are composed of 7 ball bearings while the 360 reels have 11 bearings. All feature 14 pounds of drag maximum. ICAST – Hard Bait – Duo Realis Spinbait 90 – Following up on the success of the Spinbait 80 Realis has released a larger version of the increasingly popular bait. It measures 3 ½ inches long and weighs ½ of an ounce. Available in 16 colors.
  • ICAST – Hard Bait – Duo Realis G-Fix Crank G87 20A – On 12-pound test line this bait should flirt with the 27-foot depth range even though it is labeled at 20 feet. The bait utilizes a weight-transfer system that slides free on the cast for further distance and then is held in place by a magnet on the retrieve to make the bait silent. Available in 12 colors. ICAST - Hard Bait – Rat-L-Trap Echo 1.75 – The classic Rat-L-Trap sound has been expanded to their new square-bill crankbait. The weight from the rattle chamber allows the bait to cast nearly 20 yards further than competitive crankbaits. Laser printing technology is used to apply the new paint schemes.
  • ICAST – Soft Baits – Z-Man Pop Shadz – A unique spin on topwater poppers, this soft-plastic bait features a broad concave face, ample body for single wide-gap hook placement and a narrowing tail for lots of action. It’s a good bet for swimming and popping over grassy habitat that would foul traditional poppers. ICAST – Soft Plastics – Z-Man Finesse T.R.D. – Offering anglers a smaller version of the popular ZinkerZ stick bait, the T.R.D. (The Real Deal) adds a unique dimpled tail texture to Z-Man’s durable ElaZtech construction. At 2 3/4 inches, a T.R.D. is a good fit for a Z-Man Finesse Shroomz jighead.
  • ICAST – Soft Plastics – Strike King Rage Bug – Made for flipping, pitching, punching, skipping or swimming through vegetation, this ribbed bait combines Strike King’s popular Rage Tail design with a set of side appendages that guarantee constant action. Here, it’s rigged on a new Strike King Jointed Structure Jig. ICAST – Soft Baits – SpoolTek – Based on a medical device used to treat spinal injuries, this innovative swimbait features a hard front end with a spool that winds up leader, which is connected to a single hook. On the strike, the hook leader extends so the fish cannot use the weight of the swimbait to shake loose. Dials on either side of the head reload the leader after use.
  • ICAST – Soft Baits – Jackall Scissor Comb – Abounding with action points, this long, slender creature bait sports four sets of forward-facing legs, which catch water for incredible action even at slow retrieves. The long, slender “scissor” antennae add to the display. ICAST – Soft Baits – Jackall Flick Shake 9.8 – Jackall’s biggest Flick Shake worm ever, this massive bait works well on the traditional wacky jighead, as well as Texas or Carolina rigging.
  • ICAST – Tackle Storage – Flambeau Terminal Tackle File Satchel – Here’s a durable plastic container that holds eight Open Core Boxes with three Zerust dividers to keep tackle neatly organized. Included labels allow you to identify box contents for quick retrieval. ICAST - Scenes - FLW President of Operations Kathy Fennel addresses a crowd of FLW anglers, fans and media just prior to announcing the 2015 Walmart FLW Tour stops to the world.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year Andy Morgan was the first guest for ICAST – Rods – Fenwick EliteTech Bass – Fenwick has reworked its popular EliteTech rods and has added a Bass series, which incorporates some lengths and actions from the former EliteTech Smallmouth series but adds several new rods for a broader range of bass applications – 18 technique-specific models altogether. Features include TAC handles, which get tacky when wet, and deep-pressed titanium guides. $149
  • ICAST – Soft Baits – Glo-Pro Frog

You won't have to worry about getting the hook out of this super-soft frog from Glo-Pro. It's available in four popular colors, weighs 1/2-ounce and is 3 1/2 inches long. A package of six will run $9.95. ICAST – Soft Bait – Mann's Goliath Frog

Mann's Baits is only showing the prototype of the Goliath Frog at ICAST; it won't be in production until December. True to its name, the Goliath is 6 1/2 inches long from stem to stern, is equipped with a 5/0 hook and weighs 5/8 ounce. It will be available in four colors. Price to be determined.
  • ICAST – Rods – St. Croix Avid X – St. Croix took the Avid series high-modulus SC graphite blank and elevated the total package a notch with select-grade split cork grips and a Kigan’s advanced micro-guide platform. The series includes nine spinning and nine baitcasting rods that come with a transferable 15-year warranty. $200 to 210 ICAST – Line – Berkley Fireline Tracer – The classic Fireline formula and qualities remain unchanged in the new Fireline Tracer. New is a metered color scheme with 5-foot sections of black alternating with flame green. The black hides well in the water while the flame green offers great visibility for watching line. Overall, the dotted-line effect makes the whole line easy to track. $17.95
  • ICAST – Rods – Duckett Micro Magic Pro – Duckett’s newly re-worked Micro Magic Pro series, which includes 21 rods, comes in lengths and actions all dictated by pro anglers. A carbon fiber scrim adds durability to Sensi-Touch blanks. Micro guides allow for long and accurate casts. Spinning models feature the MicroWave Line Control System. $159 to $169 ICAST - Scenes - Daiwa's modern display includes plenty of samples for media to check out, as well as videos describing the most interesting features of Daiwa's new products. Tour pros Ish Monroe and Brent Ehrler were both on hand to talk fishing.
  • ICAST - Scenes - That black stuff you see in the clear tube is magnetic oil, which Diawa uses in several of its top-end reels. Pretty cool stuff, right? ICAST - Scenes - iON's presence was definitely felt at ICAST this week. The company's CamoCAM, which features a Realtree finish and a cool gun/rod attachment device, was a big hit and won the New Product Showcase Best Electronics award.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Jimmy Houston and Bill Dance share relationship that dates back to the early days of tournament bass fishing. The two television legends still find time to ham it up, even on the ICAST floors. ICAST – Rods – Fuji Torzite

Next year, be on the lookout for top-of-the-line rods wearing Torzite guides from FUJI. Torzite is a new material that is as strong as SIC, but lighter, so guides can be smaller without sacrificing strength. In addition, Torzite guides can be polished to a degree not possible with SIC, thereby reducing friction and facilitating longer casts. The guides will also be sold separately to those anglers who build their own rods.
  • ICAST – Clothing – Snikwah

We're not sure what the name means, but we're sure that these shirts will appeal to fishermen. They're made of a dry-release fabric that wicks away sweat and keeps the skin seven degrees cooler than exposed areas. The convertible tee-shirt can be worn as a turtleneck, or pulled up to cover most of the face except the eyes. Thumbholes keep the sleeves down for maximum protection, even when casting or netting a fish. $59.95. ICAST – Terminal Tackle – Bullet Weights Tungsten Drop-Shot Sinkers – Bullet Weights has incorporated dense, ultra-sensitive tungsten into its line of drop-shot sinkers. They come in round and the cylindrical “finesse” shape, from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce.
  • ICAST – Terminal Tackle – Seaspin Geko Jig – Flip, pitch, skip and punch with the new Geko Jig. A swivel is attached to the underside of a weighted head and skirt, and it connects to a hook that rotates 360 degrees. The package includes a wide gap and offset hook. $6.25 ICAST – Terminal Tackle – Molix Swim Jig – The Molix Swim Jig is articulated with the hook joined to the head by a split ring.  The skirt is fixed to the head, and the hook is a weedless style for swimming through thick cover. It comes in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce and six colors.
  • ICAST – Wire Baits – Molix Lover Buzz SS – Extending on its Lover series of lures, Molix released the Lover Buzz SS buzz bait. The hook and skirt swing freely of the body, which is a new feature in the line. It weighs 1/2 ounce and comes in six color patterns. ICAST - Scenes - Goofballs as usual, JT Kenney and George Kapitan play tug-of-war with a new Halo rod. We think the rod won.
  • ICAST - Scenes - FLW Tour pro Darrell Davis explains the features of Power-Pole's lineup of shallow-water anchors. ICAST - Scenes - The Power-Pole exhibit includes working shallow-water anchors that attendees can try out.
  • ICAST – Reels – Quantum Smoke Speed Freak Spinning – The fastest spinning reel in Quantum’s history with a 6.2:1 gear ratio. Available in 25 and 30 sizes and has 11 ball bearings. $179 ICAST – Reels – Quantum Smoke PT Casting Reel – Like with the spinnging reel, the Smoke baitcasting reel has been redesigned and packs a lower price. It has the Slim Line ACS external casting control on the side with 13 settings. It also features the CSC drag system which is rated to 25 pounds. It weighs 6.7 ounces and has 10 ball bearings. $179
  • ICAST – Reels – Quantum Smoke Speed Freak Casting – The main thing that sets this reel apart from the regular Smoke is the speed. It has an 8.1:1 gear ratio which picks up 35 inches of line per turn of the handle. The body weighs 6.4 ounces and the reel is packed with 11 ball bearings. $199 ICAST – Reels – Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel – The redesigned Smoke still features the Performance Tuned Carbon Stainless Ceramic drag washers and the only nickel titanium bail in the industry. The Smoke weighs 5.2 ounces and has 10 ball bearings. The bass sized 15, 25 and 30 models will be priced around $159.
  • ICAST – Electronics – MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS – For electric-steer trolling motor fans, the Pinpoint GPS system from MotorGuide is a Godsend. When paired with a Lowrance HDS Gen2 unit, Pinpoint can utilize the GPS system to steer the boat. Improved features allow you to customize trolling patterns, set the boat on autopilot along a charted course or recall previously used routes. A device is needed to connect the trolling motor to the Lowrance unit. It costs about $250. The Pinpoint trolling motor comes in three shaft lengths and 12-, 24- and 36-volt models. $1,249 to $1,679 ICAST – Accessories – Star Brite Screen Cleaner – Keep your electronics screen clean with Star Brite Screen Cleaner, a quick-and-safe product that helps to remove smudges and water spots. $11.99
  • ICAST – Accessories – Getter Back – Call the Getter Back a lifesaver for your rods, should one fall overboard. It weighs just 1/2 ounce. Attach it to the rod, and when submerged, a float attached to 10-pound Kevlar line floats free to the surface like a bobber for easy retrieval. $19.99 ICAST – Accessories – Star Brite Cleaning Products – Xtreme Clean, Aluminum Polish, Boat Detailer and Aluminum Cleaner/Restorer make up a new line of Start Brite cleaning products designed to keep your boat and truck looking like new. $12.99 to $27.99
  • ICAST – Accessories – T-H Marine  Banshee Trailer Coupler Lock – This simple lock is designed to attach to most trailer couplers for extra security at boat ramps and hotels. A built-in alarm sounds when the device is jarred. $29.99 ICAST – Accessories – T-H Marine LED Boat Kit – Here’s an affordable lighting kit that contains 11 of the most popular LED boat lights that can illuminate boat decks, compartments and trailers. $89.99
  • ICAST – Accessories – raygear X-Shield – Protect your face at high speeds with the new X-Shield, a large face shield – available in clear or smoke – that goes on with sunglass-style arms. It’s available in half-, three-quarter- and full-coverage models, with and without vents. $40.99 to $47.49 ICAST – Electronics – Quarrow Digital Fish Scale – This Quarrow model is a compact digital fish scale that maxes out at 88 pounds. It features an eight-LED flashlight, which is perfect for seeing what you’re doing during your favorite evening jackpot tournament. An LCD-backlit display makes it easy to read in low light. The scale is powered by two AA batteries.
  • ICAST - Hard Baits - The SPRO BBZ-1 Rat won the New Product Showcase Best Hard Lure award. It's a jointed lure that can wake or swim subsurface. ICAST - Sunglasses - Costa del Mar walked away with another New Product Showcase Best Eyewear award this year with its Hamlin frames and 580P silver mirror lenses.
  • ICAST - Accessories - The FishSmart category of the New Product Showcase recognizes products that promote the safe handling and release of fish. This year's award went to the Cuda Grip and Scale. ICAST - Soft Baits - The Savage Gear 3-D PVC Crab won the New Product Showcase award for Best Soft Lure. It'll shine in saltwater but could have applications for bass anglers on some tidal systems.
  • ICAST - Rods - Media members voted the Duckett Micro Magic Pro to be the Best Freshwater Rod at the New Product Showcase. ICAST - Accessories - If you're a small-water angler or are looking for an easy-to-haul fishing platform, you might check out the Predator XL kayak. It won the New Product Showcase Best of Show Award. It features a built-in trolling motor unit.
  • ICAST - Rods - The New Product Showcase winner for Best Kids' Tackle went  to ZEBCO for its Splash Combos. ICAST - Rods - Lew's took home the Best Combo award at the New Product Showcase with its American Hero Baitcast Combo. A portion of every sale goes to support organizations that host fishing events for wounded veterans.
  • ICAST - Line - Berkley IronSilk is back in an all-new form for the 2015 season, and it's already winning awards. It won Best Line in the New Product Showcase awards. ICAST - Footwear - Columbia's line of PFG shoes is hard to beat in the footwear category each year. This year, the company won Best Footwear with its Megavent PFG model.
  • ICAST - Electronics - Ease-of-use is the most notable feature of the new Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor, which won the New Product Showcase award for Best Boating Accessory. It automatically stows and deploys with just the push of a button. ICAST - Terminal Tackle - TroKar won the New Product Showcase Best Terminal Tackle award with its TK619 hook combo set.
  • ICAST - Clothing - The STORMR Fusion Bib won the New Product Showcase award for Best Technical Apparel. ICAST - Reels - Abu Garcia has raked in many New Product Showcase awards in recent years, and 2014 is no exception. The company won the Best Freshwater Reel award with the new Revo Beast.
  • ICAST - Soft Baits - Reins Punchin’ Predator - Built for efficiency when fishing compact targets, this ribbed beaver-style bait features an ample midsection to work its way into cover and rounded pinchers. The latter is a key point, as flapping-style pinchers occasionally become deformed if twisted in the packaging. $6.50 ICAST – Terminal Tackle – Biwaa Divinator – This lead-head swimbait packs a double bite with the top hook assisted by a belly treble that’s attached with a through-line cable. The flashy tail spinner is bound to attract attention.
  • ICAST – Terminal Tackle – Trokar – Trokar’s line of surgically sharpened hooks has several new entries in 2015. The TK250 Frog Hook is a heavy-wire double hook intended to fit most hollow-bodied frogs. The TK35 flipping hook is built big and strong for heaviest duty, while the TK133 flipping hook has the “Big Nasty” sickle bend. Both flipping models come with a molded bait keeper. The Big Nasty Worm Hook has a straight, long shank and black chrome finish. Two weighted, magnum swimbait hooks have wire keepers, come in black nickel finish and are available in standard weights and sizes. Finally, the Helix Drop Shot Hook is designed with a built-in swivel mechanism to prevent line twist. ICAST – Clothing – Hook & Tackle Shirts

Hook & Tackle has been around for a half-century, mainly marketing its shorts and shirts to the saltwater crowd. This year, the company is going after freshwater anglers, starting with an insect-repellant shirt that is good for up to 70 washes before it loses its oomph. The Bug/X is available in white, tan or sky blue and will retail for about $70.
  • ICAST – Clothing – OSM Shirts

OSM is new to the fishing world, but its clothes will make a home for themselves quickly. The company’s proprietary treatment makes cloth virtually waterproof and odorproof and it’s already being used in various brands of shirts. OSM will offer its own line, called Kodiak Dry Gear, beginning in 2015. Crewneck tee-shirts will start at about $40, while button-up fishing shirts will sell for about $60.
ICAST – Tackle Storage – DryCASE

If you just need enough tackle to last the day, and are fishing in somebody else’s boat, the DryCASE Backpack might be the best option. It holds 35 liters and is completely waterproof, whether it’s guarding your tackle or gear on a boat or in a duck blind. This latest version comes in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass. $120.
  • ICAST – Clothing – Real X Gear

Real X Gear is known for its cooling visor ($20) and towels ($10-$15) that are activated by simply dipping them in the lake. They become at least 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding air.
ICAST – Accessories – Real X Gear

A high-pressure fogging system that gives the user some quick relief from the sun’s hot rays and humid weather is the newest from Real X Gear. The battery-operated fogging system emits a steady stream of super-small water particles that cool down the user’s head and neck without a soaking. $99. Real X Gear is also known for its cooling visor ($20) and towels ($10-$15) that are activated by simply dipping them in the lake.
  • ICAST – Eyewear – Costa del Mar

The Hamlin, with its mirror-finished 580p polycarbonate lenses, won best of show in eyewear. The glasses come in a variety of mirrored finishes. $189. ICAST – Clothing – Columbia Megavent

Columbia’s Megavent PFG fishing shoes won best of show in the footwear category. The lightweight, open-mesh shoes have a lace-closure system that cinches the shoes to the wearer’s foot for custom fit. Omni-Grip rubber soles won’t slide on a wet dock, and the footbed is amply padded to provide comfort through a day of standing and casting. $89.
  • ICAST – Best of Show Raingear – Stormr

Stormr's Fusion rainsuit won Best of Show in the raingear category. It's loaded with features, pockets and places to cram things that you don't want to get wet – including you. $260 per piece.  ICAST – Line – Woodstock Power Cast – Woodstock Line Power Cast is produced from a single strand of Spectra fiber (the same material used in braided line), encapsulated in a proprietary coating. The result is a single-filament line with very high strength relative to its diameter. Power Cast retains its roundness to minimize friction in line guides and has very little stretch.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Welcome to the ICAST home of Strike King, a cool cabin complete with meeting rooms, a front porch and plenty of Strike King products. ICAST - Scenes - This clear model of a Livingston crankbait shows off the innovative sound-emiting hardware packed inside the company's hard baits.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year Andy Morgan shows off a cool new popper from Livingston Lures. Morgan and fellow Tour pro Stetson Blaylock have been staffing the Livingston booth all week. ICAST - Scenes - FLW Editor-in-Chief Colin Moore gets the scoop on new products from Wiley X Eyewear.
  • ICAST - Scenes - The Columbia Sportswear staff cheeses for the camera with some interesting fishing props. ICAST - Scenes - Walmart FLW Tour Rookie of the Year Jason Lambert stopped by the FLW exhibit on Wednesday. Here, he chats with Director of Tournament Operations Bill Taylor before stepping in front of the cameras for a segment on FLW Live.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Elite CHIRP Sonar technology enhances Lowrance's already outstanding sonar systems. ICAST - Scenes - Founder and CEO of iON Worldwide, Giovanni Tomaselli, chats with FLW Host Jason Harper in front of the FLW Live cameras. iON launched a new CamoCAM at the show this week.
  • ICAST - Scenes - Chevy pro Jimmy Houston is a favorite attraction for fishing fans wherever he goes. He spent a little time at the FLW exhibit entertaining Director of Tournament Operations Bill Taylor (blue shirt) and friends. ICAST - Scenes - FLW apps were on the agenda during the FLW Live segment on Wednesday.
  • ICAST - Scenes - FLW Host Jason Harper prepares for the Wednesday FLW Live segment, broadcast straight from the FLW exhibit to ICAST - Scenes - A couple of 2014 Forrest Wood Cup favorites, Andy Morgan and Mark Rose, pose in the FLW booth next to the trophy that they both hope to hoist next month at Lake Murray.
ICAST - Accessories - GatorSkinz - Gator Guards (formerly known as KeelShield) released several new boating accessories. GatorSkinz are made from 70 percent recycled material and are available in bulk in two patterns and two thicknesses or in a two-pack step pad complete with the exclusive 3M Keelshield adhesive system. GatorSkinz can be used almost anywhere on your boat or truck for any number of applications. $19.99 to $124.95

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