Glossary of Fishing Terms

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Casting and, by implication, fishing while wading in the water.

Waterproof garment made for wading, usually chest or thigh high.

wading boot
Any boot suitable or adapted for wading.

A 1 of the perch family, commonly nicknamed blue pike and similar to sauger, a related species. Walleye are from a different family than pike. The term walleye-pike, though common, is a misnomer.

warm water
Referring to fish habitat, fish that are found in warmwater habitats: largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish, etc., as opposed to coldwater species such as trout, grayling and salmon.

A commonly caught species of the sunfish family and a popular game fish. Not warmouth bass.

warmwater species
Generally, freshwater fish that spawn at temperatures above 16 degrees C (60 degrees F). The chief warmwater game species are bass, sunfish, walleye and pike. See coldwater species.

water turkey
A colloquial name for anhinga or cormorant. Note that anhinga and cormorant are different species.

A member of the drum family along with related seatrout species, including the sand seatrout, spotted seatrout and silver seatrout. Sometimes called grey trout, although this is not biologically correct.

A protective device on hooks to prevent picking up weeds.

Style of hook for fishing bait or lures that has a protected or shielded point to allow fishing in weedy areas without catching weeds.

The edge of a line of weeds. In salt water it can also mean a thin line of weeds strung out in the current as a result of tide or current flows. See breakline.

Abbreviation. WF. Tapered fly line with the heavy part of the line in front. See fly line. Also can apply to a weight-forward spinner that often is used to catch walleyes.

wet fly
A sinking artificial fly that primarily represents sub-surface forms of aquatic insects in fresh water.

whip finish
The final knot to finish an imitation fly.

white amur
A grass carp. See amur.

white bass
A member of the temperate bass family, which includes striped bass, yellow bass, white perch, others.

white seabass
West Coast game fish, member of the croaker family.

wing dam
A low dam extending from a major dam. Also called wing dike.

winter-run fish
Anadromous fishes that return to fresh water in autumn or winter, migrate to spawning areas and then spawn in late winter or spring.