Glossary of Fishing Terms

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tail water
The part of a stream within a given distance below a dam.

A small specialty lure, used primarily for bass fishing, with a spinner blade attached to the rear that spins as the lure is retrieved.

A coastal Atlantic Ocean game fish.

An Atlantic Coast member of the wrasse family, often caught by bottom fishing; sometimes called blackfish.

terminal 3
A general term for gear used at the end of the fishing line, including (but not limited to) hooks, floats, sinkers, snaps, swivels, leaders and rigs.

Texas rig
A method of rigging a soft plastic worm, often for bass fishing, where a sliding, cone-shaped lead weight is added to the line above a hook and the hook is buried in the plastic worm to make it weedless. See Carolina rig.

A water layer in a thermally stratified body of water that separates an upper, warmer, lighter zone from a lower, colder, heavier zone.

threadfin shad
Atlantic Coast, freshwater and Pacific Coast members of the herring family, widely known forage fish and bait in some areas but not to be confused with threadfins, a different family with five species.

A protective-status category for a plant or animal species existing at a level of risk where that species could easily become endangered. A legal term. See endangered species.

Protection for the thumb when casting revolving spool 3 to reduce friction burns. Also an aid in controlling drag on revolving-spool reels. Somewhat antiquated.

tiger trout
A hybrid of a brook trout and a brown trout.

An African game fish.

African species introduced into this country to control algae and also as a forage fish for largemouth bass and other game fish in private waters.

tip action
Rod action where the tip end is flexible in relation to the rest of the rod.

Terminal portion of a fly-fishing leader.

The last or top guide on a rod through which the line runs.

An ice fishing device used so that a strike of a fish taking the bait will release a spring-loaded, flag-tipped rod to signal the angler.

As in a top-water lure, a lure that is fished on the surface.

trailer hook
See stinger hook.

trammel net
A gill net laid in loose folds.

The flat stern of a boat.

treble hook
A hook with three points all attached to one shank and eye.

A main fishing line with one or more drop lines with baited hooks. Both main line ends are secured. Legal restrictions prevail on trotlines in most areas.

Members of the Salmonidae family. Can be used on second reference after first identifying the species. See individual trout listings and char.

A type of reed found along shores of many lakes.

Any of the tuna members of the Scombridae family. Can be used on second reference after first identifying species.

tuna tower
A high, specially built tower on a boat above the flying bridge, designed to spot fish and baits. See sportfisherman.