Glossary of Fishing Terms

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rainbow runner
Member of the jack family of fish.

rainbow trout
Since 1988, rainbow trout has been considered part of the Pacific salmon family. Before 1988, it was classified in the Atlantic salmon/trout family.

rapid, rapids
Part of a river where the current is fast and the surface is usually broken by obstructions. Usually used in its plural form: a set of rapids or a stretch of rapids. To say we ran a rapid is poor form.

recreational fishing
Harvesting fish for personal use, fun and/or challenge. Recreational fishing usually does not include sale of the catch.

red drum
Also called channel bass and redfish.

red hind
A bottom-feeding tropical reef fish.

red tide
A reddish discoloration of waters, both marine and fresh, due to a large buildup of certain protozoan flagellates.

A spawning bed made by members of the Salmonidae family.

redear sunfish
Member of the sunfish family.

redeye bass
A species of bass.

redfin pickerel
A species of pickerel, along with chain and grass; member of the pike family.

A common term for red drum.

redhorse sucker
A member of the sucker family.

A specific type of angleworm or earthworm used for fishing. Also known as redwiggler.

reel foot
The part of a reel mounted on a rod.

reel seat
That part of a fishing rod that holds the reel in place.

A man-made slope or bank of stones used on a shoreline for erosion control.

rock bass
A member of the sunfish family along with other bass species. Sometimes called redeye, although redeye bass is a different species of fish. Includes four species: shadow, Ozark, Roanoke and northern rock bass.

A general term for the dozens of rock1 found along the Pacific. Where possible, the specific species name should be used; subsequent references can refer to rockfish. Also a colloquial name used in the Maryland-Virginia-Chesapeake Bay and other regions for striped bass or striped bass hybrids.

rod holder
A device used to hold a fishing pole or rod; generally mounted on the gunwale or stern of a boat to hold a rod or rods while trolling for fish.

roll cast
A special type of fly-casting in which the line is not cast above the water but instead rolled out with the line lying on the water.

A subtropical coastal game fish; member of the jack family.

A specialty sinker with a rubber center. Rubbercor is a trade name for a

1. A smooth-water stretch of a stream. 2. A group of fish migrating in a river (most often on a spawning migration that may comprise one or many stocks

The part of precipitation and snowmelt that reaches streams by flowing over the ground.