Glossary of Fishing Terms

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odd-year runs
Spawning runs of a fish population occurring only in odd-numbered calendar years.

A Pacific Coast inshore game fish.

open boat
A conventional, non-decked canoe or johnboat.

open-access resource
A resource, such as a marine fish stock, that is open to exploitation or use by any person at any time.

open-faced reel
A spinning reel with an exposed line and spool. Contrast with closed-face, American or spin-casting reels, which have a housing that covers spool and line.

A style of hook. See fishhook.

A tiny, bonelike particle or platelike structure in the internal ear of lower vertebrates, used in fish to determine age.

A primitive Atlantic salmon that spends its life cycle in fresh water. Also a landlocked salmon found in certain Quebec rivers.

To catch more fish than others in a party or comparison fishing.

Long specialty poles rigged on each side of offshore fishing 6 by which closed loops of line allow fishing line to be trolled from release clips positioned out from the sides of the boat. This setup allows trolling more lines in greater variations than would otherwise be possible. 2.

To cast a lure, fly or bait beyond the aimed-for target.

More fishing use (too many participants or too much activity than the fisheries or aquatic resources can support.