Glossary of Fishing Terms

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A small tropical game fish.

A primitive, jawless, usually parasitic fish that attaches itself to the bodies of other fish to suck out nutrients.

Fish locked in by land and lacking access to the ocean, such as the landlocked salmon.

A boat with overlapping strakes.

largemouth bass
A member of the sunfish family and popular game fish. Also called black bass or largemouth. See black bass.

lateral line
A sensory structure in fishes that consists of a longitudinal line running the length of the fish’s body and made up of vibration-detection sensors that enable the fish to detect vibrations from other fish or fishing lures.

lead core
A type of line in which a thin core of lead is surrounded by a braided coating; used for deep trolling.

A colloquial term for a jig or sometimes for the jig head before painting and tying the tail. Acceptable on second reference after describing lure. See jig.

Any of usually aquatic bloodsucking or carnivorous annelid worms. Often used as bait by bass and walleye anglers.

Referring to standing waters, e.g., ponds or lakes.

A type of reel with a revolving, horizontal (level spool, also called a bait-casting reel. 2. The worm gear mechanism on a level-wind bait-casting reel that causes the level-wind guides to travel back and forth to lay line evenly on the spool. Also can refer to a revolving spool (level-wind bait-casting reel: I like a level-wind for bass fishing.

A set fishing line that has been tied to the limb of a tree or bush growing on the bank.

The act of fishing with limblines, usually for catfish.

A style of hook. See fishhook.

limit out
To take the number of fish or game animals legally allowed.

limited-kill section
A section of water where fish limits are reduced from those on other waters or sections of water, or where limits not applicable elsewhere are imposed.

Another name for striper.

A name sometimes used for burbot, hake, cobia and lingcod.

A technique for landing a fish by grabbing its lower jaw.

liquid crystal display
Abbreviation: LCD. A screen on depth finders and other instruments.

live bait
Bait that is used or fished alive. See bait.

live baitwell
Aerated storage container used to hold live baitfish. See baitwell, livewell.

A box or container to properly keep bait or caught fish; either a box in a fishing boat or a floating boat kept at dock or pier for long-term storage of bait for private use or commercial sale.

To fish by allowing the bait or lure to drift with the current.

A watertight container, usually with drain and aeration, on a boat to keep bait or caught fish alive. See baitwell.

longear sunfish
A species of sunfish.

Another name for albacore.

Acronym for Long Range Navigation, a navigational system by which ships and 6 can locate their position using radar and radio signals transmitted from known positions. A more modern LORAN C now is in use.

low-head dam
A shallow dam, usually fewer than 10 feet high.