Glossary of Fishing Terms

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Kamloops trout
Strain of rainbow trout that originated in British Columbia but has been widely transplanted.

keel hook
A long-shank fly-hook style in which the forward end of the shank is bent at an angle, ending up in a position forward of and in line with the hook point.

A fish that is to be kept and not released; usually refers to a large one. 2. A device on rods that holds lures in place.

Atlantic salmon or anadromous trout weak in post-spawning condition.

Kentucky bass
A regional name for a spotted bass.

kill switch
A device attached between the electrical motor switch and person running the boat that automatically stops or “kills” the engine.

Used for bait, although this use is not always legal; several dozen species abound, mostly freshwater; some Atlantic or Pacific coast saltwater species.

Common name among U.S. anglers for king mackerel.

A hook style in which the point is bent to the side.

A style of hook. Do not use unless this specific hook is mentioned. Does not have any relationship to kirbed bends in a hook.

A landlocked sockeye salmon.

The upward projection on the lower jaw of a male member of the trout or salmon family that occurs during the spawning season.