Glossary of Fishing Terms

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Young salmon, usually a male, that matures precociously. Also abbreviation for 1 such as jack crevalle, yellow jack and trevallies. Often used locally for one of these species, members of the several dozen species of the jack family Carangidae, including jacks, amberjacks, etc. See almaco jack and amberjack.

jack pike
Another name for walleye. See walleye. Sauger are called jack salmon in some localities.

jack plate
A spacing device that moves an outboard boat motor back slightly from the transom. Used to increase leverage, which helps the force of the prop lift the boat up on plane.

A small land-borne insect, includes jassids and beetles; often falls into trout waters where it is taken by trout and thus is imitated by fly-tiers for trout fishing.

Topwater floating plug or lure given action by jerking. Sometimes called a stick bait because it resembles a stick or cigar.

Member of the sea bass family along with bass, grouper, hinds, etc. Large fish (can be more than 1,000 pounds of tropical waters. Outdated name for goliath grouper.

A leadhead lure molded onto a hook and tied with tail fibers of fur, feathers or artificial fur, or fitted with a soft plastic tail or grub. Often used when referring to freshwater fishing; bucktail refers to saltwater fishing, although the two terms are often interchangeable. See leadhead. 2. A metal bar lure dropped to depths and worked up and down or retrieved rapidly. 3. To move a fishing bait or lure up and down by moving the fishing rod up and down. Usually done with the lure or bait at or near bottom to elicit a strike.

A combination fishing lure that includes a jig hooked onto a pork or soft plastic eel imitation; usually used in bass fishing.

jig-and-pig or jog-and-pork
A combination lure in which a jig is hooked into a pork rind (the “pig” in the lure is often a pork chunk or frog); usually used in bass fishing.

A leadhead molded onto a special jig-hook.

A special hook used for molding jigheads. The hook has an angled bend in the shank so the eye is above the hook point, not parallel to the hook shank. The eye is parallel to the plane of the hook so it fits into and can be removed from a mold.

A small, generic-style, flat-bottomed boat with a square prow for river and small water fishing, usually made of aluminum. Not jon boat, although this term is often used in print.

A method of using plastic jugs to float a hook and line. Used for catching catfish and crappie in the South; usually used for catching catfish.