Glossary of Fishing Terms

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A common term for any of many different fishing worms. Specific worms used for fishing include manure worms, red wigglers, night crawlers, garden worms, leaf worms, grunt worms, gray night crawlers and African night crawlers. See angleworm.

An ecological community where living organisms interact with each other and with their physical environment.

edy out
To turn one’s craft into an eddy, often in the middle of a stretch of rapids; to rest or reconnoiter.

egg sinker
An egg-shaped fishing weight with a hole in the center through which the line runs.

Fly-fishing pattern based on this stage in an aquatic insect’s life cycle.

ephemeral stream
Stream that flows briefly.

The number of migratory – usually anadromous – fish that reach suitable spawning areas in a given year, typically after passing through a fishery area. Also, fish passing a barrier.

even-year runs
Spawning runs of a fish population occurring in even-numbered calendar years.

eyed egg
Fish egg/embryo that has developed far enough so that the pigment of the eyes of the embryo are visible through the egg wall.