Pro Tips Weekly

11.Jun.2014 by Wesley Strader

Pro Tips Weekly: Walmart Pro Wesley Strader

Wesley Strader rose to third place after catching a 19-pound, 7-ounce stringer Saturday. (Photo by Brett Carlson)
11.Jun.2014 by Wesley Strader

What I use to fish a ledge usually depends on the time of the year and my judgment on how much the bass have been pounded. If the fish have just moved out from shallower water and schooled up, there are a lot of things that they might hit because chances are they’re aggressive and haven’t been beat up too much. If it’s a lake that has seen some major tournaments and steady fishing pressure, it’s a different story. Those fish are more likely to want a subtle approach. I’ll start out using a swimbait, or a Zoom Ol’ Monster worm, a Pure Poison football jig, a 1-ounce Stan Sloan Bango Blade spinnerbait, and maybe even a big spoon. I’ll rotate through different things. What I won’t use, at least at first, is a rattling crankbait. If I can get a school fired up, I’ll go to the crankbait if the fish let me know they want it. Pressured fish take some finesse. They’re like deer. Deer know when hunting season opens because all of a sudden people are tromping around in the woods. Bass get jittery when all of a sudden there are a lot of strange vibrations and things going back and forth in the water. That doesn’t mean they won’t bite; as a general rule you just have to be subtle with them.