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Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

David Dudley covers water with his confidence baits to locate fish in transition. (Photo by Colin Moore)
02.Apr.2014 by David Dudley

Cast and Move With a Shaky Head

Fish are still transitioning between offshore and the bank in a lot of lakes and that makes them harder to figure out. One of my go-to lures in early spring, especially when the water is still on the cool side, is a shaky head. What I do differently now, though, is make more casts and drag the shaky head a lot less. I’m covering a lot more water and looking for those fish that aren’t real aggressive, but might go for a shaky head if it drops in right by them. I’ll throw the shaky head out, maybe in water between 5 and 15 feet deep, let it go to the bottom, drag it about 5 feet, then wind it in and cast again. Most fish are still suspended, and if you cast it by one, there’s a good chance the fish will follow it down and grab it. Otherwise, keep moving and plan on making lots of casts to fish that aren’t too aggressive yet.