Pro Tips Weekly

26.Feb.2014 by Jacob Wheeler

Pro Tips Weekly: Jacob Wheeler

Rayovac team pro Jacob Wheeler proudly displays his catch. (Photo by Brett Carlson)
Take care of your tackle and it will take care of you
26.Feb.2014 by Jacob Wheeler

I used to not pay too much attention to keeping terminal tackle in good condition, but I’m more organized about it now. Buying new hooks every spring costs a lot of money, and in the past it’s been necessary just because I haven’t taken care of them like I should. Now I keep everything tournament-ready all the time.

I store my hooks in a waterproof Plano 3700 box and keep them as dry as possible. That applies to the hooks on all my lures too. I don’t just switch baits and throw the one I cut off back in the box. Usually I’ll leave them out until they dry, probably in one of my boat’s cup holders, and then put them back in their proper boxes that evening after I’m done for the day. Presuming they’re dry, I’ll clean them up a bit, clip off any knots, clear the line ties and store them away where they belong.

Making sure everything is organized and ready to fish is not only helpful to your results, but it also encourages you to be mentally disciplined about everything you do when you’re on the water.

---- Rayovac pro Jacob Wheeler, Indianapolis, Ind.