Pro Tips Weekly

12.Feb.2014 by Cody Meyer

Pro Tips Weekly: Cody Meyer

Cody Meyer muscles an Okeechobee bass out of a reed clump. (Photo by Brett Carlson)
Putting a stop to short-strikers
12.Feb.2014 by Cody Meyer

A lot of times in the spring, bass tend to short-strike soft plastics, and maybe even bite the tail off. Some anglers just pass these off as small fish, but that’s not always the case. Bigger fish will do it, too, especially when the spawn is going on. They’re not really feeding; they’re just aggravated.

Cody Meyer shows off his catch.What I do when this happens is take a chartreuse marker and make a ring completely around the soft-plastic where the hook is going to go in. When a fish comes up to look at the bait, they’ll key on that stripe and if they’re going to hit it at all, they’ll hit it at that spot. Trust me; it will skyrocket the number of strikes of this type that you will be able to convert to solid hookups.

---- Repel pro Cody Meyer, Auburn, Calif.