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30.Oct.2013 by Jonathan Newton

Pro Tips Weekly: Jonathan Newton

Twix team pro Jonathan Newton prepares to depart the marina. (Photo by Gary Mortenson)
Use a label maker to stay organized
30.Oct.2013 by Jonathan Newton

My boat is full of soft-plastics, and it used to drive me nuts trying to keep them all sorted out. On too many occasions, I would waste a lot of fishing time digging around in bags and boxes looking for something. However, what saved me was one of those handheld labelers, which I use to label the Plano 3600 boxes where I keep my Zoom Brush Hawgs, Zoom Finesse Worm, Zoom Speed Craws and so forth.

I put the label right by the latch. I keep these boxes under the casting deck where they’re easy to get to, and I know instantly which one to grab because the label is facing up. I also label my reels to remind me how I’ve got them lined. For instance, “15F” stands for 15-pound-test fluorocarbon. This label goes on the bottom of the reel on the handle side where it will be out of the way.

The label maker I use prints out in flat letters on an adhesive-backed strip. I like this type better because the ones with the raised letters as they don’t seem to take as much of a beating and banging before they start peeling off.

A final word of advice: Develop your own labeling system and stick to it. Labelers don’t cost much, but they can sure help you keep your tackle straight.

---- Twix pro Jonathan Newton, Rogersville, Ala.