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16.Oct.2013 by Scott Canterbury

Pro Tips Weekly: Scott Canterbury

Straight Talk Wireless pro Scott Canterbury (Photo by Rob Newell)
Burning a spinnerbait is a good autumn ploy
16.Oct.2013 by Scott Canterbury

It kind of goes against conventional wisdom, but about the only time of year when I speed up my lure retrieval is now – in fall. Bass are following shad in toward the banks and major feeder creeks and seem to be more eager to strike baits that are moving faster than usual.

I’ll throw a Jackall Mud Sucker topwater all day until the fish tell me they want something else. For me, that “something else” is usually a spinnerbait. I’ll burn one over shallow water early and then move out to the longer points. I like the Punisher Lures Flame Jr. that Jay Yelas designed. It’s a half-ounce and has two willow-leaf blades that put out a lot of flash. The blades aren’t very big because I want the bait to come through the water fast. It has a stiffer wire and you don’t feel it pulsing like you do some spinnerbaits, but that’s okay because I expect them to hit it when they see it rather than when they feel it. The best thing about the Flame is that it tracks straight and doesn’t run off-kilter no matter how fast you crank it. And when you’re burning a spinnerbait, that’s the most important thing.

---- Straight Talk Wireless pro Scott Canterbury, Springville, Ala.