Pro Tips Weekly

25.Sep.2013 by David Dudley

Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

Castrol team pro David Dudley prepares to haul in his catch. (Photo by Rob Newell)
As summer drifts into fall, explore all options
25.Sep.2013 by David Dudley

This time of the year when you head out for a day of fishing, don’t be close-minded; be ready to try anything. In fact, it’s a good time to practice all the different techniques you’ve wanted to try and to learn. Fish are transitioning – they’re following the bait and they’re in all depth zones and seasonal haunts. Some are moving along the bank and others are suspended out on the ledges.

When you go out on the water don’t limit yourself to just fishing one way with one type of lure. I like to start the day by fishing shallow with topwater lures. If that doesn’t work, or it runs out of steam, I’ll try something else and gradually work out toward deeper water. The point is that you should explore all the options and be versatile.

---- Castrol pro David Dudley, Lynchburg,Va.