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18.Sep.2013 by Dave Lefebre

Pro Tips Weekly: Dave Lefebre

Frosted Flakes pro Dave Lefebre shows off his catch. (Photo by Shaye Baker)
Get the net!
18.Sep.2013 by Dave Lefebre

There are all sorts of landing nets, but not all of them are good for bass fishing. I have three I use most often. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I carry a net with a telescoping handle that extends to about 6 feet. In a tournament, this is the net I want my co-angler to use.

If I’m fishing big water such as Lake Erie, I have another telescoping net that extends to about 12 feet and has a huge basket. But this takes up a lot of room and it’s heavy. If I’m paired with a guy who, for whatever reason, seems to be unable to handle a net that size, I’ll go with the smaller net.

The third net I use a lot has a 3-foot handle and a medium basket with nylon mesh. This type of net is pretty common and you can find it at the local Walmart. This is the net I take with me if I’m fishing by myself, such as in the top 10 of a tournament, and I have to land a fish myself. It can’t reach out as far, but it’s super light and I can brace it against my forearm and move it quickly as needed.

I don’t keep the net in the water when I’m landing a fish. I make a quick dip when I feel it’s right, and that’s how I net my fishing partners’ fish, too. Regardless of the handle length, a net that is light and maneuverable, with fairly open mesh, is the best choice to get a good fish in the boat fast.

---- Frosted Flakes pro Dave Lefebre, Erie, Pa.