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21.Aug.2013 by Shinichi Fukae

Pro Tips Weekly: Shinichi Fukae

Cheez-It pro Shin Fukae fights a solid smallmouth at the boat. (Photo by Shaye Baker)
A drop-shot rig that’s trouble-free
21.Aug.2013 by Shinichi Fukae

The best new things for drop-shotting now are the special rigs that keep the line from twisting and make it easier to get tangles out of the line when you catch a fish. The Gamakatsu Swivel Shot with octopus hook is one of these.

The octopus hook, which is available in various sizes, is a round hook that is attached to the middle of a swivel. You tie the end of your fishing line to top of the swivel. At the bottom there is a clamp that is clamped to the end of the sinker link. So, you just nose-hook the soft-plastic bait and you’re ready to fish. Because the hook is attached to the swivel, you will not twist your line when you reel up from deep water, which often happens with a regular rig because the bait causes it to spin in the water. Also, because the weight leader below the hook is clamped to the swivel, you only have to unclamp it to get out tangles if a fish wraps up in it, or if you want to use a different weight.

Soon, Gamakatsu will offer the Swivel Shot with a straight-shank hook that is good for fishing in grass and around wood. This one is for Texas-rigging the bait. The Swivel Shot is quick and easy to use and, best of all, it saves fishing time.

---- Cheez-It pro Shin Fukae, Palestine, Texas

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