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24.Apr.2013 by Anthony Gagliardi

Pro Tips Weekly: Anthony Gagliardi

FLW Tour pro Anthony Gagliardi
What to do when bass are just bumping swimbaits
24.Apr.2013 by Anthony Gagliardi

All of us lose fish on swimbaits for no good reason. Either we fail to hook them or they pull off because they’re not hooked very well. I don’t know why that is – whether it’s the weather conditions or what – but on some days fish will hit a swimbait hard and not get it down in their mouths. Other days, they’ll practically swallow it.

When I’m not getting good hookups, there are a couple of things I try. For one, I might add a small treble to a belly-weighted hook, or even to the hook where it comes out the top. If the fish are just grabbing at the tail, I might make a short leader of monofilament or braid and connect one end to the main hook and the other to a small treble. Then I stick the small treble somewhere in the tail at a place where I think the action isn’t going to be affected so much. Just know that the action is always affected, and usually not for the better.

The second thing I do if the stinger hook deal isn’t working is to downsize the swimbait. However, there’s a price to pay there also. You’d think you’d get more hits on a smaller bait anyway, but I’ve found it to be the opposite. In my experience, fish of all sizes are more likely to grab a bigger bait than a smaller one. Sometimes, though, you just have to trade the number of bites you get for a smaller bait that they’ll take down in their mouths better.

----- Chevy pro Anthony Gagliardi, Prosperity, S.C.