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13.Mar.2013 by Philip Jarabeck

Pro Tips Weekly: Philip Jarabeck

Castrol pro Philip Jarabeck proudly displays his catch. (Photo by Brett Carlson)
Rig up with a screw-lock jighead
13.Mar.2013 by Philip Jarabeck

Pretty much all umbrella rigs are the same, as far as I’m concerned, but the jigheads and swimbaits you use with them aren’t. In my experience I’ve found that screw-lock heads are the best to use rather than the kind where you just worm the swimbait onto it.

Castrol pro Philip Jarabeck shows off his jigheads of choice.After you’ve fished most swimbaits for a while on a regular jighead, and caught a fish or two, they’ll start getting torn, working down the hook and wadding up on the bend. That doesn’t happen with a screw-lock. Whether you make them yourself or buy them, screw-lock heads don’t cost much, but the best swimbaits do and you won’t go through nearly as many if you’ll fish them on screw-lock heads.

Also, there are a lot of covers and containers for umbrella rigs, but the best way I’ve found to store them is just to flex the arms around the central wire one at a time. Then put the central wire bait on your rod’s hook keeper and you’re set.

---- Castrol pro Philip Jarabeck, Lynchburg, Va.