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03.Oct.2012 by Brent Ehrler

Pro Tips Weekly: Brent Ehrler

National Guard pro Brent Ehrler fights one to the boat. (Photo by Rob Newell)
Leader length - not too short, not too long
03.Oct.2012 by Brent Ehrler

One thing I’ve noticed when I use braid with a fluorocarbon leader on my spinning outfit is that the braid tends to wrap around the first guide on the cast if the leader is too long. I’ve found that the best way to keep the braid from wrapping the guide is to make sure that the leader connector knot is never on the reel spool. I want it between the reel and the first guide. I want my finger to be touching braid when I get ready to cast.

When I measure a leader, I’ll pull fluorocarbon off the spool with my right hand and stretch out the spool with my left hand as far as I can. Then, I’ll go back to the spool with my right hand and pull off a bit more – about half an arm’s length. That amount is just right for the leader length, based on how far my arms will stretch, and a 7-foot rod. I tie the braid to the fluorocarbon with a modified double uni-knot, with 12 twists to the braid and six to the fluorocarbon. It’s a small knot and won’t slip.

------ National Guard pro Brent Ehrler of Redlands, Calif.