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    FLW Podcast Episode 29

    Ish Monroe
    with Ish Monroe

    (Editor's note: In an effort to bring tournament fishing closer to the fans, FLW has announced the creation of FLW Podcast. During each audio podcast, FLW hosts Joe Opager and Jody White will discuss a variety of different issues of interest to bass-fishing fans. In addition, during select podcasts, Opager and White will also interview compelling FLW Tour anglers and/or FLW officials in an attempt to get their thoughts on myriad intriguing topics.)

    FLW Podcast with Joe and Jody.In Episode 29, hosts Joe Opager and Jody White talk with FLW Tour pro Ish Monroe about his career, lure designing, accidently setting Chevy pro Luke Clausen’s roof on fire, eating right and much more. Then they break down some recent fishing news, ranging from a tournament filled weekend to some unfortunate news about Stacey King.

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