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Tackle Test: Strike King Rage Smokin’ Rooster

Strike King Rage Smokin Rooster
18.Apr.2011 by Matt Williams

Wicked looking it is; pretty it is not. This thick and meaty soft plastic is built to wake up the fat girls.

Mr. Versatility

Strike King touts it as one of the most versatile members in its Rage Tail lineup, and I have to agree. The Smokin’ Rooster does many things well. Though it produced best for me when flipped around grass, docks and stumps, it also showed promise when rigged Carolina-style, weightless, or matched with a weighted hook for swimming around lily pads, peppergrass and other shallow vegetation. The tail is prone to wrap on limbs, so steer clear of bushes.

Big on action

The main body measures 3/4 inch across and 3/8 inch thick in the midsection. Its creature-bait styling features a ribbed texture on the back and belly with scalloped Rage Tail arms and tail that flutter wildly and displace gobs of water while traversing the water column.


The coffee-scented plastic is soft to the touch, yet durable enough that it will usually hold up for more than one fish. It comes in clamshell packaging with shape-saver tabs on the arms and tail to preserve the lure’s form for optimal action and performance.


Colors: six

Length: 5 inches

Price: $4.99 for a pack of six