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Tackle Test: Bac Rac Co-Angler Rod Storage System

Bac Rac Co-Angler Rod Storage System
10.Sep.2010 by Matt Williams

Here’s a portable rod-and-reel storage system that secures to the rear deck of just about any bass boat in a matter of seconds. Co-anglers will like it because it helps prevent lines and lures from tangling on rigged outfits. It also frees up space on the passenger-side rod ramp.


Pieces: Two, plus carrying case

Capacity: Four rod-and-reel combos

Weight: 1 1/2 pounds

Warranty: Lifetime

Price: $89.99



The racks are made to seat on either end of the rear (battery) compartment lid of most bass boats. Open the lid, seat the racks, close the lid and lock it down – it’s as simple as that. Place it as far back as possible to preserve room on the rear deck. Stick-on shim pads are provided in case the fit isn’t as snug as desired. It comes with predrilled screw holes for a more permanent mount.


The storage system is compatible with baitcasting or spinning outfits, which fit nicely in padded, U-shaped cradles. Rubber tie-downs hold the rods securely so they can’t bounce out, even when motoring at high speeds or navigating in rough water. It’s ideal for open-water applications, but could be an invitation for trouble around docks or terrestrial cover that might snag elevated rods, especially if your rods are longer than the rear deck is wide.


The aircraft-grade aluminum frames are powder-coated for a custom look, while the cradles are wrapped in high-quality EVA foam rubber to protect handles and blanks from marring. It fits nicely into a supplied nylon backpack-style case, which frees up your hands to carry rods and other gear.