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Martin teams up with FLW to promote High School Fishing and FLW College Fishing

When fishing thick, matted grass, the first thing FLW Tour pro Scott Martin looks for is bait activity. (Photo by Lazer Trokar)

CLEWISTON, Fla. – The Scott Martin Challenge is excited to announce that Scott has teamed up with FLW to promote High School Fishing and FLW College Fishing. This is an important target audience that will keep the sport of fishing and tournaments alive and well, and FLW is leading the charge.

“High School Fishing and FLW College Fishing are exciting growth areas for our sport. In addition to on-the-water opportunities, we are thrilled to give students the chance to meet some of the world's best anglers and experience the thrill of professional bass fishing on a very personal level this season,” FLW President of Marketing Trisha Blake said. “Scott is going to play a significant role in that as the face of our high school and college programs. He will be offering his significant insight to students online, on television and in person. We also have some exciting contests planned that will allow some lucky students to fish with Scott on Lake Okeechobee.”

“I’m honored to lead the next generation of tournament anglers,” said Scott. “My passion for fishing was instilled at a very young age and I look forward to sharing that passion with young anglers across the country.”

The future is bright for FLW and its forward-thinking management. Scott is looking forward to his role in helping to promote fishing and tournament angling.

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