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PEAK and BlueDEF wrap Roumbanis, Upshaw

Pro Andrew Upshaw holds up a giant Beaver Lake largemouth. (Photo by Brett Carlson)

Old World Industries, a leader in automotive aftermarket products, recently announced the sponsorships of professional bass anglers Fred Roumbanis and Andrew Upshaw, featuring the company’s PEAK Antifreeze and BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid flagship brands.

Roumbanis, 35, competes along the FLW Tour and BASS tournament trails. He has amassed more than one million dollars in tournament earnings since beginning a competitive bass fishing career in California in 1999. He now resides in Oklahoma.

Second-place pro Fred Roumbanis holds up his two biggest bass from day two on Lake Okeechobee.Roumbanis will run a truck and boat wrap during the 2014 season that features BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid as his title sponsor and PEAK Antifreeze as a secondary sponsor.

Upshaw, 26, grew up in east Texas along the banks of Toledo Bend Reservoir where tournament fishing is considered a standard lifestyle. After a stellar run as a college angler at Stephen F. Austin, Upshaw relocated to Oklahoma where he works as a social media specialist in the outdoor industry and continues to compete as a third-year pro on the FLW Tour. Upshaw’s tow vehicle and boat wrap feature the PEAK Antifreeze brand as his title sponsor and BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid as a secondary sponsor.

Both Upshaw and Roumbanis represent the new generation of young anglers who are mobile, competitive, communicative, and who have do-it-yourself mentalities. The combination is a good fit for the PEAK and Blue DEF marketing outreach efforts.

“Our company has a history of sponsorships, but mostly around motorsports activities,” said Sean Wheatley, senior brand manager for PEAK/BlueDEF. “We know for a fact though that those who enjoy the outdoors are also the same active Do-It-Yourselfers who like to change their own oil, antifreeze, and otherwise tinker with their trucks. Hunters and anglers are typically high mileage drivers who take pride in their vehicle care because they do so greatly depend on them for their passion sports participation.”

Upshaw also recently announced he’s joining the Outkast Tackle pro staff for 2014.

“I've known the guys at Outkast Tackle for a while; they are great guys who make great products,” said Upshaw. “They’ve already got one jig in their line I’ve had input on, and they are creating a jig for me as we speak. Hopefully this thing will be out by ICAST; it’s a pretty wicked design.”