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Picasso Lures re-signs FLW Tour pro Casey Martin

Pro leader Casey Martin shows off two Okeechobee behemoths, part of his 26-pound, 12-ounce stringer. (Photo by Brett Carlson)

Picasso Lures has announced the re-signing of first-year FLW Tour pro Casey Martin of New Market, Ala.

Martin, who fishes both the Walmart FLW Tour and Everstart Series said, "I am glad to continue building my relationship with a great innovative company like Picasso in 2013 and beyond. It's great working with a company that is bringing forward thinking and new designs to the market. I helped in the design of the Picasso School E Rig and have had great success with it in the front and back of the boat. I look forward to working hard for a great company that backs its professional anglers."

Picasso owner Terry Monteleone believes Martin is a great fit for Picasso.

"Early into Picasso's development of the School E Rig, Casey brought a lot of critical analysis on the performance/components and helped lead Picasso into the rig craze,” he said. “Casey is a great for getting into the details, and I like that kind of feedback. We are looking forward to Casey moving his talent to the front of the boat in the FLW Tour and Everstart tournaments. Casey has already placed 6th in his first Everstart tournament of the year on Okeechobee as a boater."

Although it’s his first year fishing from the front on the boat on Tour, Martin recently netted a sixth-place overall finish at the Feb. 7-10 FLW Tour event on Lake Okeechobee to go along with an identical sixth-place finish on the same body of water at a January EverStart Series event.