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Ehrler signs with The Rod Glove

Brent Ehrler is in 16th after day two. (Photo by Rob Newell)

REDLANDS, Calif. - FLW Tour pro Brent Ehrler has signed with The Rod Glove to promote their line of rod protection sleeves. Ehrler, the 2006 Forrest Wood Cup champion and perennial power on the FLW Tour, has won over $1.9 million dollars with FLW. Ehrler was also the winner of the 2012 Lake Hartwell FLW Tour event and the 2012 MLF Lake Amistad event.

The Rod Glove is a 100 percent North American made fishing rod cover that protects an angler’s high dollar investments. In addition to rod protection, a Rod Glove will also prevent tangling. They are effective for rod lockers, rod storage and for co-angler rod management.

“I’ve been seeing co-anglers from all over carrying their rods around in these cool sleeves for quite a few years now,” Ehrler said. “I’ve noticed the co-anglers on my boat that use the Rod Gloves are much more efficient and spend less time switching rods. I can’t help but think that this will also be the case for me. I have as many as 25 rods in my rod locker at any time, and keeping them from getting tangled is impossible. Plus, by using Rod Gloves I know my rods will be protected. Nothing beats up a rod up faster than bouncing around a rod locker in rough water unprotected.”

Jim Van Ryn, owner of The Rod Glove, is excited about adding Ehrler to his pro staff.

“The Rod Glove is very pleased to have had this opportunity to sponsor Brent Ehrler and have him join our team,” said Ryn. “Not only is Brent a great professional angler, but he is also a good man and an ambassador for the sport. Brent’s image in this industry truly represents what we stand for here at The Rod Glove. As big fans of his and now a sponsor of his, we look forward a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”