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FishPro for Facebook launches Dec. 14


Today marks the official release of the new FishPro fishing game for Facebook. FishPro combines the real world of fishing with virtual gaming in a fun, easy-to-play format. FishPro offers quests to compete for credits that can be used to buy gear as well as opportunities to compete in online tournaments.

FishPro is designed to make the player feel like they are actually in the game. From freshwater species to saltwater, you must match the right tackle and presentation to catch fish. You can also receive credit and reputation bonuses for choosing to release fish instead of keeping them. Other in-game options the player must obtain while using credits earned are ice to keep fish cool if you choose to keep them, food and drinks to maintain energy levels, bait, lures, line, rods, boats and motors and even gas. The higher up in the game, the more advanced the presentations, fishing locations and tackle become.

Aside from normal fishing options, players may also compete in various tournaments offered at different times. There are many single-day tournaments for different species throughout the course of the day that offer in-game credits to help purchase new gear. The other option is to participate in weekend, three-day tournaments. Both of these tournament formats run with rules that follow the actual FLW tournament fishing regulations, and allow you to fish anywhere on the tournament waters. FishPro hosts tournaments that are open to anyone as well as offering premium tournaments for FLW members only. The FLW members-only tournaments give players a chance to compete for real prizes from FLW.

Beyond being entertaining to play, FishPro also puts emphasis on education. People have the chance to not only play a fun game but also learn how to actually fish. In the game players may visit FishPro University to receive tips and tricks that not only apply to the game but the real world as well.