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Damiki announces Anchovy Shad’s arrival

The Damiki Anchovy Shad. (Photo by Brett Carlson)

First introduced at ICAST 2012, the Damiki Anchovy Shad has generated significant buzz ever since. This 4-inch, soft-plastic swimbait was made with schooling baitfish in mind and is an obvious choice for anglers utilizing the umbrella rig. Designed to mimic smaller baitfish that travel in groups, the Anchovy Shad is a great combination of faint contours in body line with an extra large rounded paddle tail that creates that struggling bait-fish movement that bass can’t resist. This little bait can be fished by itself in various applications but looks absolutely killer on an umbrella rig.

A closer look at the new Damiki Anchovy Shad.The Anchovy Shad is a small profile swimbait that incorporates a slim 4-inch tapering body that leads to its most visible feature, the tail. With its large paddle-tail design, you can just tell that this is well suited for movement under water. The thin tapering body cuts through the water while the tail gives this bait its thumping action. This pairing, somewhat surprisingly, is able to generate tremendous water movement. A hook slit was incorporated on both the top and bottom sides to make this a versatile bait to rig in any fashion the angler sees fit – included weedless when needed. The 3-D eye along with the scale-pattern body also adds to the subtle details that set this bait apart from other small profile swimbaits on the market.

The Anchovy Shad will be available in six baitfish colors that include Pro Blue(105), Pro Green(106), Green Pumpkin Black(203), White Silver Flake(204), Baby Bass(309), and Smoke Black Silver(501).

More information about the Anchovy Shad and other new baits can be found at their website and new updates will be posted on the Damiki Facebook page.