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The Alabama Rig III released for walleye fishing

The Alabama Rig III

The Alabama Rig®, a patent pending product that revolutionized bass fishing and then moved into the saltwater market, will now be available to walleye fishermen with the addition of The Alabama Rig III.

Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rig and Mann’s Bait Company jointly announced the introduction of The Alabama Rig III last week. Specifically designed for walleyes, The Alabama Rig III features two wires for lure attachments and a third, heavier wire with a bottom-bouncing weight. The Alabama Rig III will be available in weights of 1 ounce and 2 ounces.

Like the original and saltwater version, The Alabama Rig III will also offer a kit of lures designed for use with the rig. The Alabama Rig III Accessory Kit will contain an assortment of 24 grubs and six jigs in the most popular colors.