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After dominating triple-A level, Zach King ponders plans for FLW Tour
It’s no walk in the park when it comes to being a full-time professional angler. Until an angler overcomes myriad hurdles, there is a constant struggle as to whether they will make it in the world of professional bass fishing or not. Without major endorsement deals and sponsors to help ease pressure on the financial side of the equation, cashing checks at each event becomes a vital necessity. And while many anglers who have experienced success in local and regional circuits believe they have what it takes to hang with the big boys on the Walmart FLW Tour, the truth is that few actually survive for the long haul.


Kyle Wood

Twenty-seven-year old Alabama pro making a name for himself in rookie season
If one was to take a look at the current Kellogg’s Angler of the Year standings, there would be no surprise to see the names Dudley, Moynagh, Powroznik, Thrift, Yelas and Clausen sitting around the top. A closer look also reveals a name that is foreign to most, yet is sitting seventh in the AOY race. That name is Clent Davis of Montevallo, Ala.


Kyle Wood

Usually after a Walmart FLW Tour Major the buzz you hear with regards to the tournament is how well someone caught, or didn’t catch fish. Every now and then some other kind of story develops and captures the spotlight. This is one of those “other” stories.


Kyle Wood

I suppose for my first blog I should introduce myself to the readers, it only feels proper. My name is Kyle Wood and I am the new Staff Writer at FLW. As does fellow blogger Brett Carlson, I spend my free time enjoying the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I’m pretty sure that number should be higher (closer to 12,000?), but that topic can be saved for a later date.