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    06.Aug.2014 by Cody Meyer

    Pro Tips Weekly: Repel pro Cody Meyer

    Cody Meyer discusses fishing mud lines in this week's Pro Tip. (Photo by Colin Moore)
    06.Aug.2014 by Cody Meyer

    Mud Lines Can Be Bass Magnets

    Mud lines caused by a lot of boat traffic sometimes are good places to fish in the summer. They provide shade and cover for baitfish, which in turn attract bass. Typically mud lines form along clay or dirt shorelines that are close to main channels and anywhere boat wakes slam into the bank or sweep over main-lake points. In fact, main-lake points are the first places I check. No special lures are required – just the same baits you’d fish anywhere else, such as crankbaits or any types of soft plastics. That’s because most mud lines don’t extend to the bottom; the sediment is more likely to be floating a foot or 2 under the surface, and below that it’s clear. So whenever you’re fishing a lake like Murray or Lanier in the summer, and the boats seem to flying by in all directions, don’t be in such a hurry to get away from the traffic. Find the mud lines and make a few casts. It’s not a sure thing all the time, but it’s sure enough that you should give mud lines a try before moving on.