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    23.Jul.2014 by JT Kenney

    Pro Tips Weekly: Straight Talk Pro JT Kenney

    JT Kenney
    23.Jul.2014 by JT Kenney

    The Big EZ for Big Bass

    A lot of people use the Gambler Big EZ 5-inch swimbait for Texas-rigging and fishing in grass, and it’s great for that, but more often than not I use it on ledges. It has a big profile and is my choice when bass are keying on gizzard shad. In fact, my favorite color used to be ghost shad, but there’s a new color called Tennessee retriever that has more of that bluish-gray cast to it like big gizzard shad have.

    I’ll pair it with a jighead – 3/4 ounce for anything more than 12 feet deep or 1/2 ounce for less than 12 feet. I cast it out, let it sink on a tight line because if I don’t the line will get a big bow in it, and then I slowly reel it along the bottom. If that doesn’t work, I’ll let it sink, then crank the reel handle maybe four or five times, let it sink again and repeat. Most of the time, though, the steady retrieve on or near the bottom is the deal.

    I think the main reason why the Big EZ works so well is because ledge bass don’t ordinarily see something like it. They get used to seeing the standard ledge baits and don’t get too excited about them after a while. But sometimes putting something different in front of them will get the reaction you want.