Pro Tips Weekly

28.May.2014 by Stetson Blaylock

Pro Tips Weekly: Livingston Lures pro Stetson Blaylock

Stetson Blaylock (Photo by Brett Carlson)
28.May.2014 by Stetson Blaylock

The best part of the ledge-fishing season is when bass first move out in late spring and early summer. The fish aren’t pressured too much yet so they’re not hugging the bottom and they’re more aggressive. When I find fish on a ledge, the first thing I’ll do is move to the outside and cast a crankbait in over the fish. Then I might go from top to bottom, so to speak, by using baits that go deeper until finally I’m fishing on the bottom with a big worm or jig. As long as I’m convinced that there are fish there, I’ll keep after them. I’ll move to a slightly different angle and start again until I’m on top of them or slightly inshore, and cast out. I might go all the way around the school before I’m done. The angle of the cast is the most important part of the presentation when you’re fishing a ledge. For instance, last year at Chickamauga I had a spot I kept fishing, but I only caught small fish. Then I changed the angle of the cast and on the first throw after I moved I caught a 6-pounder. If you’re on fish, move around until you find the right angle that works for them, and then go from suspended to right on the bottom until you find out what’s going to get you bit.