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    31.Mar.2014 by Colin Moore

    High school team of Reavis, Harrell wins Texas mega tournament

    Brendan Reavis and Dillon Harrell flank their boat captain and mentor, Dennis Bridges. (Photo by Southeast Texas High School Fishing Association)
    31.Mar.2014 by Colin Moore

    ZAVALLA, Texas – Screaming fans, nervous moms and dads, and determined teenage athletes.

    No, it wasn’t high school football, the marquee sport of Texas, but it came close Sunday afternoon when the Southeast Texas High School Fishing Association (STHSFA) held its fourth tournament of the current season, with one more to go.

    The event on massive Sam Rayburn Reservoir drew 235 teams from 31 high schools in southeast Texas, making it the largest high school tournament since a December event also conducted by the group attracted 262 teams. Humphries Pavilion, near the Sam Rayburn Dam, served as the stadium for the weigh-in, which attracted upward of 1,000 fans who came to cheer on their favorites.

    The team of Brendon Reavis and Dillon Harrell of Corrigan Camden High School carried the day, winning the tournament with a combined stringer of 20.92 pounds.

    An adult boat captain who serves as an onboard coach accompanies each high school team. In the case of Reavis and Harrell, it was Dennis Bridges. Anglers were allowed to launch from any ramp on Sam Rayburn that they chose so they could be closer to their fishing waters. Reavis and Harrell fished scattered grass in the backs of coves and creeks for their winning fish, which mainly were caught on SPRO frogs.

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