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    Rayovac FLW Series opens with 226-boat field, pays 116 positions

    Rayovac FLW Series

    The Rayovac FLW Series opened its 2014 season with an incredible 226-boat field at Lake Okeechobee last week, paying a remarkable 116 places in the pro and co-angler divisions.

    Each Rayovac FLW Series qualifier pays $2,000 and $500 respectively to pros and co-anglers through 40th place based on a 150-boat field. For each boat over the 150 mark, FLW pays one additional pro and one additional co-angler position. These additional payouts are $1,200 and $300, respectively. The difference between these amounts and the entry fees of $1,500 for pros and $500 for co-anglers is applied to the no-entry-fee Rayovac FLW Series Championship payout, which is calculated based on a 150-boat average in each qualifier. Thus you can fish 200 boats in one tournament and 100 boats in another without adversely affecting the championship payout since the average field size remains 150 boats.

    Over the course of the season, the Rayovac FLW Series is the highest-paying semipro bass fishing circuit in the nation.