FLWOutdoors.com Browser Test

Javascript Check Cookie Check jQuery Check
Detecting... Detecting... Detecting...
This check makes sure that a proper version of JavaScript is enabled on your browser. This check makes sure that your browser is able to accept cookies from this site. This check makes sure that your entire platform is capable of running jQuery, an extensible JavaScript library used by FLWOutdoors.com

Each of the three tests will try to complete as soon as the page loads. You will see one of three things in the status box:
OK Means that the check completed successfully.
NOT OK The test failed. You need to enable this option on your browser.
Detecting... The test could not complete. This usually means do not have JavaScript enabled, or your version of JavaScript is too old.

If you see OK for all 3 tests, your browser should be capable of fully using FLWOutdoors.com. If not, please try enabling the proper function on your browser or upgrading to a more recent version of the browser. FLWOutdoors.com recommends Internet Explorer 7.0 or FireFox 2.0.