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    With Michael Neal
    In Episode 55, hosts Jody White and Kyle Wood talk with FLW Tour pro Michael Neal about his 2014 season, how he fishes umbrella rigs on Lake Chickamauga, his Thanksgiving plans and his outlook for 2015. Then they dig into some recent news and talk about their own Thanksgiving plans.


    A strong, gusting wind can really have a negative effect on fishing. If you’re sight-fishing, fishing drop-shots or fishing targets in clear water that you need to see, wind definitely works against you. It affects the action of a lure, your ability to feel the bait and how you present it.


    Mark Rose

    We spent an afternoon with Walmart pro Mark Rose on Kentucky Lake this Fall. Rose discusses fall fishing tactics, his career, and his Outdoor Ministry.


    With Troy Hollowell
    In Episode 54, hosts Joe Opager and Jody White talk with FLW Tour pro Troy Hollowell about his rookie season, his recent shoulder surgery, the new Big Humble crankbait from CP Baits and his outlook for 2015. Then they dig into some recent news, talk about ranking anglers and play a game on Joe’s final episode.


    For some reason, this time of year smallmouths like to hang around objects in the water, whether it’s just a small feature or something as big as a car. They’ll still move around, but it’s like they move from rock pile to rock pile – or whatever – instead of just swimming around aimlessly. So you’re target-casting at objects that are likely to be holding fish.


    Chad Grigsby

    Even the best pros take a wrong turn in the road once in awhile
    The top pro anglers “lose” far more than they win. Even making the top 10, which is considered a good finish, still isn’t winning. After all, who remembers the guy who finished sixth a Beaver Lake nine years ago?


    Pete Robbins

    Stop number 5 of the Walmart FLW Tour brings JT Kenney and Chad Grigsby to Pickwick Lake in Florence, Alabama. Tensions rise during ledge fishing events, when multiple boaters often crowd around the same choice spots. Can the guys each muscle their way in and turn around their lackluster 2014 season?


    It’s been a couple months since I fished my last FLW event, the Forrest Wood Cup in Columbia, S.C., where I got to watch history in the making. The championship weigh-in was very exciting as it featured the local favorite Anthony Gagliardi taking home the top prize with a 1-ounce margin of victory.


    Scott Martin

    Another year gone, and another off-season flying by. I’m still trying to catch up on all the stuff around the house that I let go during the season. Chores like painting the garage or little fix-it-up jobs around the house and yard seem to never end. By the way, I am currently fighting it out with fire ants, and even though they seem to have won most of the battles so far, I guarantee they will not win the war.


    Casey Martin

    With Jason Johnson


    Today’s Lowrance sonar/GPS combos are so powerful, even the entry-level units are waaaay more advanced than what was available just a few years ago before we had GPS, SideScan or DownScan.


    Tom Redington

    Forrest Wood Cup Champion, Anthony Gagliardi appeared on Good Morning Columbia to discuss his win on Lake Murray and how he has spent his winnings.


    In late summer, one fishing pattern is to flip and pitch jigs or soft plastics, or to fish frogs, in matted grass where bass are hunting for bluegills and minnows to eat. When does this pattern stop?


    Shinichi Fukae

    In terms of depth, there’s not much difference between 3.2 feet and 4.8 feet – a bit over a foot and a half. In fish-catching terms, however, the difference in the fall could amount to 20 pounds of bass.


    Sean Ostruszka

    With Adrian Avena
    In Episode 50, hosts Joe Opager and Jody White talk with FLW Tour pro Adrian Avena about fishing his way up from college, his practice for the Rayovac FLW Series Championship on Wheeler Lake and his 2015 goals. Then they review the FLW action on Clear Lake, break down the Northern Conference Invitational on the Potomac River, look ahead to the weekend’s slate of tournaments, and give the BFL Weekly Update.


    Take a in depth look at Frog Fishing with Ish Monroe.



    With Clent Davis


    With Jay Yelas
    In Episode 48, hosts Joe Opager and Jody White talk with Chevy pro Jay Yelas about the upcoming Rayovac on Sam Rayburn and his season on Tour. Then they cover some recent news, make picks for the Rayovac Rumble, talk with FLW Tour pro Clent Davis about his new puppy, preview the weekend’s slate of BFL Regionals and give the BFL Weekly Update.


    Right now a lot of tournament fishermen are trying to land sponsor deals for 2015. Consequently, I guess it’s pretty accurate to say that the No. 1 question any long-term pro angler gets asked this time of year is, “How do I get sponsors?”


    Randy Blaukat