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    How To Start A Club

    Competition, camaraderie, scholarships, and of course, fishing - FLW College Fishing has lured more young men and women from more than 550 colleges and universities to the sport of tournament bass fishing. But there is a catch to getting in on the action. You must belong to a fishing club recognized by your school. If you are not currently a member of a recognized student fishing club, then start your own by following these simple steps:

    Step 1: Register at

    The requirements to form a recognized or sanctioned fishing club vary from school to school, but registering at will give you access to most of the tools you will need to get your club started. We will also connect you to other students at your college or university who are interested in starting a fishing club. Click here to create a club now.

    Step 2: Recruit Anglers

    Recruiting interested students is the key to getting your club started. After registering at, you'll need to check your e-mail often for the latest connections to other students interested in forming a club. Recruiting is an ongoing process and should always be considered a top priority. Additional steps you can take to assist in recruitment include:

    • Work with your student newspaper to publish an article about the scholarship opportunities a fishing club has to offer.
    • Advertise in the classified section of your student newspaper. Be sure to set a time and location for an organizational meeting, and list a contact person complete with e-mail and telephone number.
    • Post flyers around campus.
    • Set up a table at orientations, registrations and activity fairs around campus. Be sure to have a brochure or other printed information available.
    • Create an online community for your prospective club using tools available at
    • Communicate news about your club through fraternity and sorority channels, school blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

    Always remember to include the following information in your promotional material:

    • FLW College Fishing tournaments are FREE with no entry fees (Participating anglers must be FLW members - $45 annually).
    • Every tournament will be live online at and the National Championship will be broadcast nationwide on the NBC Sports Network.
    • Participation is open to men and women who are full-time registered students, and prior fishing experience is not necessary (You want to attract all anglers, not just the most experienced).
    • Your contact information.
    • Register at This will connect you to other students on your campus who are interested in joining a fishing club.

    Step 3: Meet with Campus Recreation or Student Affairs

    Once you have established interest in a fishing club, contact the office in charge of club sports on your campus to receive all the necessary applications and information required to start a recognized or sanctioned club. Generally this is the Campus Recreation or Student Affairs office. Club directors may be unfamiliar with tournament fishing, so take them information to explain the FLW College Fishing program along with a list of students interested in joining the club.

    Most colleges and universities require clubs to have bylaws. Click here for a sample. Having recognized or sanctioned club status may allow you to use campus facilities, use the college or university name and logo, have access to insurance coverage, apply for grants, create a group e-mail address through the school and fundraise on campus.

    Step 4: Affiliate with FLW

    Once you've established a fishing club recognized or sanctioned by your college or university, be sure to register the club at and encourage all members of the club to join FLW. Participation in FLW College Fishing tournaments is absolutely FREE , but anglers must be FLW members to participate. An allowance will be provided for those anglers competing in College Fishing Invitational tournaments and the National Championship. Click here to join.

    Step 5: Go Fishing

    After you've registered your club at it's time to enter your first tournament. Organize your club members into two-person teams and select any or all of the qualifying events in your Conference for the chance to win lucrative scholarships and ultimately a chance to fish the Forrest Wood Cup for a top award of $500,000.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact FLW College Fishing Tournament Director Kevin Hunt at 270.252.1593 or e-mail.