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    The University of Louisiana-Monroe team of Tyler Craig of Frierson, La., and Brian Eaton of Monroe, La., won the FLW College Fishing Southern Conference event on Sam Rayburn Reservoir Saturday with five bass weighing 29 pounds, 5 ounces – the heaviest one-day five-bass limit ever weighed in FLW College Fishing history.


    With Keith Daffron of Ranger Boats
    In Episode 60, hosts Jody White and Kyle Wood talk with Keith Daffron, vice president of sales at Ranger Boats, about his history with the iconic boat builder, the recent sale to Bass Pro Group and some other aspects of Ranger's business. Then they break down? sponsorship news, talk through the newly announced Walmart FLW Tour field, make some predictions and pick their teams for the Rayovac Rumble.


    The 2014 season contained a number of superlative moments, but only a few that neatly fit into a few seconds of looping soundless action.


    Jody White

    FLW announced today that the internationally televised 2015 FLW College Fishing National Championship being held on Lake Murray, originally scheduled for April 17-19, has been moved up one day and will now take place April 16-18 in conjunction with the University of South Carolina baseball team’s three-game series against Vanderbilt.


    2015 season kicks off at Okeechobee
    It’s here, finally. This weekend marks the kickoff to the 2015 FLW season with the first Walmart Bass Fishing League Gator Division event on Lake Okeechobee on Jan. 3, followed shortly by a Rayovac FLW Series event Jan. 22-24, also on Okeechobee. The 2015 FLW season is sure to be a wild ride. Though the Forrest Wood Cup at Lake Ouachita will be hard-pressed to live up to the drama of Anthony Gagliardi’s win at Lake Murray in 2014, it is a great location, and history suggests that we could be crowning the first two-time champ come August. The rest of the Walmart FLW Tour schedule also offers a lot to look forward to, though it is but a fraction of the 240 tournaments that FLW will run in 2015. In fact, up to $20.5 million in awards are potentially on the table in 2015, and 2,321 trophies, from the Forrest Wood Cup to a BFL co-angler trophy, will be handed out at more than 80 unique bodies of water from Virginia to California.


    Jody White

    What a year it was. 2014 ranks as one of the most exciting seasons in FLW history, and that includes everything from the Walmart Bass Fishing League level to the Forrest Wood Cup. On the cusp of a new year and a new season, we decided to take a look back at our 10 favorite stories of 2014. Please share your highlights from this season with FLW fans at


    Curtis Niedermier

    The season finale on Kentucky Lake not only showcases the last event leading up to the Forrest Wood Cup, but also takes a unique look back at the storied past that veteran pro anglers JT Kenney and Chad Grigsby share with this body of water.


    It seems that 2014 was a good year for tech junkies who love to fish. Not only did Apple release the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but Lowrance just unveiled its new HDS Gen3 system, which includes a trio of touch-screen units. Best of all, the third generation of HDS technology now allows you to synch data wirelessly with your other devices.


    Hook more fish
    Walmart FLW Tour pro Clent Davis believes many anglers use hooks that are bigger than necessary, whether it’s a treble hook on a reaction bait, a jighead on a swimbait or a worm hook for heavy cover.


    Tyler Brinks

    Most anglers, pros included, look for any little edge to increase their catch, and that includes even the knots they tie to attach lures to their lines. With that in mind, picking the best knot to use with all of today’s lines can be a challenge.


    Tom Redington

    Bass Pro Group announced today an agreement to acquire Fishing Holdings, LLC, a manufacturer of fishing boats that include Ranger Boats and the Stratos and Triton boat brands from Platinum Equity.


    For a lot of FLW anglers, it’s crunch time in regards to sewing up sponsorships for 2015. Whether you’re fishing at the high school or college level, in BFLs, the Rayovac FLW Series or on the Walmart FLW Tour, gaining some form of sponsorship is critical to enabling you to make a profit from competitive fishing.


    Randy Blaukat

    Todd and Troy Hollowell each filming fishing show
    Todd is the Type A older brother with an obsession for bass fishing. Troy is the Type B younger sibling that enjoys the whole buffet, whether it’s bass, crappie, walleye, muskie or whatever.


    Sean Ostruszka

    It’s bass fishing’s take on running the gauntlet, and most would agree that working a topwater frog over matted aquatic vegetation holds legit highlight-reel potential. Unlike the medieval punishment, this gauntlet run seeks – indeed, it relies on – violent strikes, complements of hungry largemouths lurking below.


    David A. Brown

    Former FLW College Fishing angler Jared Spickelmier of Boise, Id., died November 4, according to a source close to the deceased.


    Stop number 5 of the Walmart FLW Tour brings JT Kenney and Chad Grigsby to Pickwick Lake in Florence, Alabama. Tensions rise during ledge fishing events, when multiple boaters often crowd around the same choice spots. Can the guys each muscle their way in and turn around their lackluster 2014 season?


    It’s been a couple months since I fished my last FLW event, the Forrest Wood Cup in Columbia, S.C., where I got to watch history in the making. The championship weigh-in was very exciting as it featured the local favorite Anthony Gagliardi taking home the top prize with a 1-ounce margin of victory.


    Scott Martin

    The FLW College Fishing Southern Conference Invitational at Sam Rayburn Reservoir Oct. 25-26 was a close one with first, second and third place decided by barely more than a pound of Texas bass. The top teams found similar patterns and game plans in Rayburn’s shallow grass, and each committed to a small area for the entirety of the event.


    Tyler Brinks

    The Lamar University team of Brandon Simoneaux of Bridge City, Texas, and Josh Bowie of Port Neches, Texas, won the FLW College Fishing Southern Conference Invitational tournament on Sam Rayburn Reservoir Sunday with a two-day total of 10 bass weighing 29 pounds, 5 ounces. The victory earned the club $4,000 and qualified the team for the 2015 FLW College Fishing National Championship.


    At the FLW College Fishing Southeastern Invitational Oct. 18-19, Lake Chickamauga reminded anglers of its more famous brother to the south, Lake Guntersville in Alabama. It was laden with thick grass mats, topped out amid the changing leaves of autumn, which competitors tackled with frogs and punching gear. Not surprisingly, schools from Alabama with ample experience in the green stuff took the top three spots.


    Tyler Brinks

    It wasn’t hard for the top three teams at the Oct. 11-12 FLW College Fishing Western Conference Invitational at Clear Lake to figure out that a crankbait would be the most effective lure for the cooling fall conditions. Each team stuck with a crankbait almost exclusively, yet each also fished a different area of the lake and focused on a unique cover and depth.


    Tyler Brinks